Local Legislation

Temple is dedicated to being a good neighbor and partner to the city of Philadelphia. The Office of Government Affairs and Civic Engagement works with officials in city government on issues ranging from snow removal and student parking to construction permits and efforts to increase the number of Philadelphians with a college education. Each year, Temple provides millions of dollars in benefits to Philadelphia and its residents.

View the city of Philadelphia's Board of Ethics website and lobbying disclosure.

Commonwealth Legislation

Temple's relationship with Pennsylvania is vital to managing its historic mission. A nonpreferred appropriation in the Commonwealth's budget helps Temple keep tuition costs low and spurs the improvement of university facilities and the innovative research that improves the lives of countless people. The Office of Government Affairs and Civic Engagement is dedicated to supporting this relationship through

  • delivering services to communities in need,
  • lobbying legislators,
  • providing access to Temple's rich intellectual capital and
  • supplying legislators with hardworking interns.

View the Pennsylvania Department of State lobbying disclosure.

Federal Legislation

The support of the U.S. government plays an important role in the fulfillment of Temple's mission. Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate support the university's groundbreaking research and targeted growth through earmarks. These funds allow the university to

  • develop cutting-edge research facilities,
  • improve the lives of everyday individuals through our work, and
  • support professors and students in their research efforts.

View the federal lobbying disclosure.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera poses with Temple community members